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Sorry, Not Sorry: How Apologies Can Be a 'Get Out of Jail Free Card' for Students (and What to Do Instead)

In this episode of The Unteachables Podcast, I talk apologies, and the conundrum of forcing them. It feels like a knee-jerk reaction when a student has done something harmful... "What do you say?" or "Say sorry." It makes sense why we do this. As the teacher we want to get to a resolution. We want to make things better! However simply forcing a student to say sorry is definitely not a solution to challenging behaviour and conflict... in fact, it's a big 'out' the allows accountability to go down the drain.  Toady I cover: The missed opportunities of forced apologies: What we really need to be doing when things go wrong.The role of dialogue and reflection: Explore how engaging in meaningful conversations can repair relationships and nurture vital social and emotional skills.Practical quick swaps that you can make right now to foster greater reflection and accountability during these challenging conflictsThe key components of Transformative Talks: The crucial piece of the puzzle with authentic resolution.  Check out the Masterclass: Real Consequences Real Change

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