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#37: What Good Classroom Management Can't Exist Without: A Chat with Marie Gentles on Teacher Capacity, Perception, and Felt Safety.

On today’s episode I have the pleasure of talking to Marie Gentles, you might know her best as the expert in BBC documentaries Don’t Exclude Me and Helping our Teens, and now as the author of the book Gentles Guidance: How to Understand, Inspire and Empower Your Kids which has been recently published in June this year. She has also developed Gentle Guidance, where she delivers her own digital Behaviour Training Programme for schools/services and families.  To say that this woman is moving mountains in this space is an understatement. So… when this incredible woman talks about what we need to be doing in the classroom to best support our young people, we all need to be listening, and what a privilege it was to be able to talk about some really important things in the educational space.  In this episode: We discuss the importance of felt safety (and how we can provide that for our young people).We debunk some of the common (but understandable) assumptions we can make about the students who display the most challenging behaviours.Marie shares a crucial strategy on how teachers can care for themselves first, so they have the capacity to better support their students.+ a whole range of other valuable bits and bobs!Where to go to get further support from Marie: Website: Course: Book: Gentle Guidance - How to Understand, Inspire and Empower you Kids TV Documentaries: BBC iPlayer: Helping our Teens, Don’t Exclude Me. The waitlist for my signature training program That’ll Teach ‘Em is now open! TTE gives you the exact roadmaps and resources you need to adopt a holistic behaviour approach, so you can walk into your classroom feeling confident, calm, and in control. Enrolment opens April 6th for the 2024 intake. So if you are ready to feel confident reducing, responding to, and resolving challenging classroom behaviours, join the waitlist now to claim an early-bird discount and course bonuses. Pre-order a copy of my book ‘It’s Never Just About the Behaviour: A holistic approach to classroom behaviour management Other ways I can support you in your teaching practice: Download my free guide: 9 Tiny (But Mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching Follow me on Instagram for daily micro-professional learning and support Connect with me on LinkedIn

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