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#46: What it really takes to change behaviour with the hardest to teach (and why it can take so damn long)!

Today on the podcast we will be talking about working with the students who are the hardest to teach, and the hardest to reach.  The students who you are told to try to build the relationship with, but they resist it and throw it back in your face.  The students who need a hell of a lot of support, and let’s face it probably need a placement that is more therapeutic, but are still working with you in your classrooms.  I take you through a metaphor for understanding what it truly takes to shift behaviour in these students, but why it also takes so so long.  We discuss: What a disorganised attachment is how it manifests in challenging behavioursWhat neuroplasticity is and how it worksHow the practices we use in our classroom change behaviour little by littleWhy we need to show ourselves grace and compassion, and why you're having more of an impact than you think Pre-order a copy of my book ‘It’s Never Just About the Behaviour: A holistic approach to classroom behaviour management Other ways I can support you in your teaching practice: Download my free guide: 9 Tiny (But Mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching Follow me on Instagram for daily micro-professional learning and support Connect with me on LinkedIn

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