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Are You Setting Your Students Up for Success, or Failure (Without Even Realising It)?

On today's episode I dive into how our beliefs and assumptions about our students have a direct correlation with either their success, OR their failure. These are the Pygmalion and Golem effects. The self-fulfilling prophesy. The 1968 Rosenthal and Jacobson study concluded that when a teacher expects a student to excel, that student is more likely to perform well, while students who are expected to struggle or underperform, often do so. Listen in to hear about: The things that we do as teachers that unknowingly stop students from succeeding or progressing in the way they could.The challenges and barriers to actually believing in the success of all of our students (because it's not as straight forward as just saying 'I believe in you'How we can use this as a powerful tool for increasing student academic success and helping even the most 'unteachable' students break barriers and succeed.

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