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20. How to nail classroom management whilst leaving a legacy of kindness and compassion with every single student. An open house tour of That'll Teach 'Em

Are you ready for an open house tour into That'll Teach 'Em?!  13 years ago I stepped into the classroom with no confidence and no clue. I was plonked into a chaotic classroom with 30 ‘unmanageable’ and ‘unteachable’ students And then another, and another, year after year, and I had no option but to learn how to swim. It started with a little doggy paddle, and now I am on a pretty smooth freestyle, but it wasn’t an easy journey. Now, looking back from the other side, I know how desperately teachers need (and freaking deserve) quality support, training and mentorship. This sink or swim culture in teaching needs to freaking end (imagine just handing a surgeon a scalpel and telling them to cut without them seeing how it's done first?! That’s teaching) So I took all of my training, incredible mentorship, every single lesson (good and diabolical) and observation, all of the ‘constructive feedback’, my own research, and my years spent developing teams of teachers. All 13 years of it. Then… I broke it down into an 8 week course that gives you the roadmaps, strategies, knowledge and support to nail classroom management. And I am officially accepting enrolments into The April intake of That’ll Teach ‘Em (but not for long) So… if you’re a teacher (or one in the making) and you’re wanting to learn how to mitigate, address and resolve challenging behaviour in a way that leaves a legacy of kindness with every one of your students, then come and join me!  Say goodbye to...  ✕ Feeling overwhelmed and defeated by challenging behaviours in your class  ✕ Having no idea what to do next… you’ve tried it all and those behaviours aren’t budging ✕ Feeling that anxious gut feeling going into another tough lesson, already watching that clock wanting it to be over ✕ Feeling disempowered, at the end of your tether, and out of control with your students…  And hello to...  ✓ Walking into your classroom feeling empowered, skilled and ready to tackle whatever the lesson throws at you ✓ Knowing how to proactively plan and prepare for lessons in ways that mitigates and reduces challenging low-level and all level behaviours ✓ Being excited and re-energised to try new strategies that will not only support students who struggle with behaviour, but foster a calm and productive learning environment for every student ✓ Having the skills to resolve challenging behaviour by bringing kid on the journey, getting buy in, and actually helping them be accountable! I can't wait to be a mentor in your corner! Doors close on April 29th, head right here for further details and enrol (OR for information on the next cohort if you've missed the cut off).

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