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#15: What does a good teacher look like anyway?? A powerful discussion around teacher guilt and wellbeing, and your permission slip to just do your best and forget the rest!

DO YOUR BEST, FORGET THE REST! If you’re looking for a permission slip to truly embrace the teacher you are, then look no further than this amazing interview with Ceri Sandford. This passionate woman behind the powerhouse Wine with teacher club and podcast goes deep with me as we discuss some of the challenges of teaching. We discuss some commonly shared feelings amongst teachers such as: Am I the only teacher who feels like im winging it all of the time?Am I the only teacher who has cried in front of a class?Am I the only teacher who feels hopeless not knowing how to address all of the individual needs in the classroom?Am I the only teacher who feels like im doing a bad job and i don’t fit in as a teacher?Am I the only teacher who feels like i am not doing a good enough job even though I leave work exhausted every day?So if you have ever felt one of the above, this episode is sure to make you feel less alone, whilst giving you some solid strategies to help you overcome it. If you want to know more about Ceri’s work, be sure to head over to her Instagram @ceri.sandford or listen to her amazing podcast - The Wine with Teacher Podcast (there's a cheeky episode with me there if you want to have a listen!) Pre-order a copy of my book ‘It’s Never Just About the Behaviour: A holistic approach to classroom behaviour management Other ways I can support you in your teaching practice: Download my free guide: 9 Tiny (But Mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching Follow me on Instagram for daily micro-professional learning and support Connect with me on LinkedIn

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