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12. The things I would go back and tell my first year teacher self. Tips, encouragement, and home truths.

If you could sit across from your first year teacher self, what would you say? Well this episode is me exploring that very question for myself. If you’re a teacher in the making or a teacher still early in their career, I hope my reflections over this episode help bring a little validation, support and clarity. And if you’re an experienced teacher, this episode will be an exercise in reflection, to see just how far you’ve come, to look back and consider what you would say to your teacher self when you were still bright eyed and bushy tailed, and help you to put yourself back in that mindset of how you might be able to support newer teachers you are or will be working with. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Doors close to the current That’ll Teach ‘Em behaviour management course on Wednesday 14th December and I am having a ‘GOING OUT SALE’! Head over now and access the course for the closing down sale!  If you enrol now at the price of £99, you will be able to access the current course to begin immediately if you choose, BUT you will also automatically secure a space to start in the April intake and be able to access the new version of the course.  Because it is going to be an offer that is naturally higher touch and support through live sessions and lessons, the price WILL be increasing from what it currently is. So if That’ll Teach ‘Em has been on your mind, then it might be a good time to join now! Download my free guide “10 Tiny (but mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching  Or simply come and say hello over on Instagram @the.unteachables 

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