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9. The most common teaching mistakes we make with classroom management (and the very quick and easy fixes)

Mistakes, blunders, slips, errors… all of these are NOT dirty words… ESPECIALLY in teaching.  In fact, I celebrate mistakes, I encourage mistakes, I welcome the vulnerability of teachers standing there and just doing their thing in the classroom KNOWING that mistakes are a part of the learning process. When it comes to classroom management in particular, there are some very common patterns in the mistakes that we can make that actually FUEL low-level behaviours with our students. The good news? These are all really easy to identify, reflect on, and then FIX! This means that if a teacher is open and willing to own up to their blunders, massive amounts of growth can happen, and happen FAST! In this episode, I go over some of these very common and very simple mistakes you could be making in the classroom, and give you some very real and practical advice on how to quickly and easily develop.  For anybody who came to the show notes for those reflective questions - here they are! What are the structures and routines I have in place? Can I strengthen these?Do my students know what to expect when they walk in the room?Can I make this lesson more visual?Is this lesson pitched appropriately?Is there anything more ‘hands on’ I can do to get this content across?How could they reach this learning objective through exploration rather than my explicit teacher talk or instruction?Is this conceptually relevant to them and their lives in some way?How can you harness your non-verbal classroom management to mitigate SO MANY of these behaviors from occurring? Join the masterclass - Unlocking Your Teaching Superpower: Non Verbal Classroom Management! Check out the details and let me support you in your classroom! Add both the masterclass AND my full comprehensive classroom management course ‘That’ll Teach ‘Em’ to your basket to bundle them together and receive 30% off the total price of enrolment! Download my free guide “10 Tiny (but mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching  Check out my full training program That’ll Teach ‘Em. Enrol for 20% off with the code PODCAST20 Or simply come and say hello over on Instagram @the.unteachables 

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