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8. Low Level Behaviours, Big Level Frustrations!

When I ask teachers what their biggest classroom behaviour challenges are, MOST of the time I will hear….   Low. Level. Behaviours.  *SHUDDER*   For SO many teachers, these behaviours sit in this difficult grey area. They are annoying enough to completely derail a lesson, but not quite severe enough to warrant a big response. They are the behaviours that stop the learning, and make you want to chuck in the towel and run screaming out of the lesson! The calling out, the talking over, the tapping, the funny noises, the disengagement, the coming late and leaving early, the whispers, the chatter, the laugher, the throwing things across the room and talking with friends, the blatant ”no” to your requests.  This episode takes you through my own journey of learning how to not just address, but mitigate and reduce these behaviours, and guides you to do the same through a few of my top non-verbal classroom management strategies! Join the masterclass - Unlocking Your Teaching Superpower: Non Verbal Classroom Management! The Masterclass goes LIVE on Sunday November 27th at 9am GMT, with access to the replay for wherever you are in the world! Add both the masterclass AND That’ll Teach ‘Em to you basket to bundle them together and receive 30% off the total price of enrolment!! Download my free guide “10 Tiny (but mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching - Check out my full training program That’ll Teach ‘Em. Enrol for 20% off with the code PODCAST20- Or simply come and say hello over on Instagram @the.unteachables

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