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6. Don’t take it personally? The teaching advice that is much easier said than done.

I am sure you have heard this being said before, ‘don’t take it personally.. it isn’t about you’... Well, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of incredibly personal, harsh, nasty student comments, you know that it is something that is so much easier said than done.  This episode will unpack the truth in the ‘don’t take it personally’ advice, but ALSO give you the much needed knowledge and support to protect your peace and manage these really difficult moments in the classroom.  In this episode, I talk about: The importance of recognising how HARD it is to not take things personally, and explain why this might be the case.How to create space between the behaviour you’re seeing in front of you, and the reaction, so you are able to respond in a more well considered and impactful way.Strategies to ACTUALLY de-personalise things that feel very personal indeed!How to get curious about behaviour: Not just that of our students, but our own, too! Download my free guide “10 Tiny (but mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching - Check out my full training program That’ll Teach ‘Em. Enrol for 20% off with the code PODCAST20 - Or simply come and say hello over on Instagram @the.unteachables

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