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The Teaching Advice That Grinds My Gears (and What to Do Instead).

Today I am going to be talking about something that reallllly grinds my gears… when you have a really challenging class, a student who is displaying some really challenging behaviours, you’re at the very bottom of your goodie bag of teaching strategies, you go and seek some support, and the only thing that you seem to get back is something about needing to foster that relationship. Well.. it certainly is the core of our behaviour management approach, BUT, it isn’t the magic bullet. This episode will break it all down and give you some quick wins for starting to break down the toughest of barriers. My issue with the advice of building rapport with students who display challenging behaviourThe barriers to building a relationship with some studentsAttachment theory: Organised and disorganised attachment and the impact on building relationships.The importance of consistency and time - sticking with it!3 strategies for developing meaningful relationship and rapport with difficult to engage students

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