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Amy Porterfield on How To Grow a Successful Online Business and Her Biggest Learnings

I still remember when I first came across Amy. I was still in my corporate job, Wordfetti was a side hustle and I was immediately sucked into her smiley contagious energy, her approachable nature and how she was just so uber relatable. 6 years into the business now, our e-paths got connected, I'm grateful for our connection and I'm SO thrilled to bring Amy onto Brandfetti and share her wisdom gems with you all. Amy Porterfield is one of the OG online business leaders. Having built a 8-figure online business, supported over 50,000+ students in her course and over 49 million + podcast downloads on her chart-popping podcast: Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy now adds "New York Times Best Seller" onto her repertoire with the recent release of her book: Two Weeks Notice. In this juicy conversion, we dive into: The biggest characteristics that Amy believes make a successful and profitable online business; What to do when things don't go to plan and you don't have the results you want from a launch; How to build an engaged email list; How to navigate around the fear of sending "too many emails" and being "spammy"; The difference between free vs paid content; Amy's biggest flearnings (failure and learnings) throughout her journey in online business. Be sure to grab your copy of Two Weeks Notice, her recent book NOW! ___ Enjoyed this episode? Make sure you screenshot, and tag me @anitasiek and @amyporterfield and share with us your biggest AH-HA! Follow Wordfetti on IG: @wordfetti Get our 5 e-copy lessons:  

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