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The Do’s and Don’t of Creating a Freebie

Creating a freebie goes beyond simply poppin' some tips and value gems on a PDF and publishing a landing page. In this episode, I dive into the DO's and DON'Ts of creating a freebie. This is a must listen if you're currently in the midst of creating a freebie to build your email list. Psst. Within 48 hours, we'll be hitting LIVE on our Digi-Product Funnel Email Templates (with email templates created for what comes after the Freebie included) and our Sales Page Formula on our Wordshop. Designed specifically for online course creators, this is the ONE go-to email template kit you don't want to miss. Join our email list TODAY before we launch on the 5th for an exclusive offer when we launch!  Buy it here from the 5th of February 2023:  Wanna get your paws on 5 copy e-lessons? 10 mins everyday over 5 days is all you need. Grab it here

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