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From No Website To Getting 100 Qualified Leads Within 1 Week With Sachi Lord

From 0 website to getting nearly 100 qualified leads within less than a week of website launch. Yep! For this killer episode I am thrilled to bring you one of our incredible success stories from WYW, and introduce you to Sachi, a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) who joined us in our May 2022 cohort, and graduated launching her website, her podcast, her email list and social media within 5 months with the leads FLOWING in! In this episode, we dive into: - Her story from service biz owner to digital course creator (in a completely different field!); - Starting her 2nd business and why she decided not to outsource her copy; - Perfectionism and imposter syndrome and how she navigated the gremlins; - Our framework that Sachi applied across all of her channels: from website, social media, podcast, and email; - How she got 100 leads within 1st week of the website launch. Follow Sachi here: Want to get EPIC results like Sachi did? Then I invite you to join me in my free LIVE masterclass next week on how to stand out (and convert!) through captivating copy! I'll be opening doors to Wordfetti Your Words at the end of the class if you're signed up for the class. You'll unlock a MEGA bonus surprise. Join up here:

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