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Taking Action To Love Your Work But It's Not Working?

Have you ever had a career goal?   Maybe it was to find another job at a different company, or to land a certain number of clients in your business. With that clear goal, you've mapped out all the steps. You've managed to execute on those steps, ticking off every item on your to-do list.   YET,  you haven't achieved that desired result…. Whether it be landing that new job or finding those paying clients coming to work with you. Not all action is created equally.   In today's episode, we're going to unpack why we can work towards a certain goal, taking all the “right” action and still find that things are not working. If this is you, I don't want you to feel disheartened. This happens to us all. In today’s episode, we’ll explore how you can get back on track. For all the show notes come on over to:

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