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Corporate to Entrepreneurship: Interview with Nassim Secci (Transitioning From High Flying Lawyer to Professional Organiser)

Most of us have a running to-do list of “things” to get done. Not only at work but in our personal lives too. The mental load is real!  For me, as someone who works mostly from home, I’m a huge fan of maximising my time and making the most of any trips “out”. If I have a meeting in town, I’ll try to run an errand beforehand or go to that special supermarket to pick up that one item I can only get there on the way back home.  Sometimes, I put things off my to-do list for longer than I want to admit. And the emotional and mental load of the task ends up draining my energy.  Have you ever put something off your to-do list for longer than you want to admit? (Please tell me I’m not alone in this!)  For the longest time, I put off (re)organising my kids bedroom and play area. For some reason I was stuck in pinterest paralysis, analysing what the best wardrobe and toy configuration was…that is until I came across Nassim Secci from The Happy Space Co.  Even when I discovered her, I secretly stalked her Instagram for the longest time before finally deciding to invest in supporting myself to get the job done….  This week on the podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nassim to hear more about her journey from high flying corporate lawyer to starting her own professional home organising business, right here in Hong Kong where she and her team help busy professionals streamline and organise their physical spaces whilst create calm and ease in their mental spaces.  I asked Nassim on the podcast because her story of how she navigated her transition from litigation and international arbitration to reassessing her direction to found her own business, is a wonderful example of how to navigate a career transition for yourself.  All of our paths will be different but I hope you enjoy Nassim’s candid telling of her journey and how she discovered her path to aligned achievement.  For all the show notes come on over to:

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