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From Ambition to Achievement: Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Aligned Achiever Podcast

Join me in celebrating 100 episodes of the Aligned Achiever Podcast! I’m taking you behind the scenes of what inspired this podcast and my top reflections and learnings from this journey as an introvert and “quiet” person. In my 10 years of coaching women, I’ve found a common thread: many of us experience invisible forces that take hold of our thinking without us realising that the narrative we tell ourselves is often derived from societal expectations regarding what the rules are, what success looks like, what we “have” to do and what we “should” do. The Aligned Achiever Podcast was created because I wanted to speak to these topics in a way that is relatable to the season that you’re currently in and to be able to reach more women and help them navigate their careers. In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast I’m sharing with you what I’ve learnt from 100 episodes of the podcast, why I want you to pursue your own growth edges and identify the invisible forces at play that I see women grappling with without realising it. For all the show notes come on over to:

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