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Interview with Beth Wright: Being Multipassionate As a Lawyer and Functional Medicine Health Coach

We all know that our health and wellbeing matters. Period.  If we’re to enjoy life, we need our health.  If we’re to do our best at work, we need our health.  If we’re to enjoy our relationships, we need our health.  Journeying into health and fitness doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. Before I started on my own health and fitness journey, I had the idea that I would have to become the person who only ate a certain way, showed up in a certain way, and would have to give up so many things that I love and make me who I am. I know now that that's not true. It doesn’t have to be either or, or black and white.  You can prioritise your health, look after yourself AND find a balance between that and the things you love and having a life outside of being in the gym and preparing food. There’s no one better that I could think to speak to about taking a holistic and well balanced approach to women’s health than Beth Wright from B-Fit The Wright Way. In today’s episode of the podcast with Beth Wright we’re exploring her journey into both law and health, and the advice that Beth wants every woman to hear about prioritising their health and putting themselves first. For all the show notes come on over to:

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