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3 Reasons Why You Don't Need an MBA For a Career Pivot

I recently went down the internet rabbit hole. For me that involves topics on career, women in leadership, business, money etc) and I stumbled on an article by HBR on Whether An MBA is Really Worth It?  It got me thinking about the number of conversations I’ve had over the years with professional women debating whether to take an MBA to advance their careers.  Usually they speak to me to weigh up the pro’s and con’s… The advantages?  More career opportunities. Clearer career paths. Networking. And if we’re honest: time away from work (assuming you do it Full Time)  The disadvantages? Well that’s the topic of today’s podcast.  I’ll be diving into the myth of why you DON’T need an MBA for your career and what I believe is important to focus on instead.  For all the show notes come on over to:

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