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Is The Key To Soulful Success In Your Work About Energetics or Strategy?

You may have noticed a few changes to the online look and feel to my work… Over the past few months I’ve been doing some soul searching and clarifying where my work is taking me.  At the core of what I do I’m here to support you in coming back to the REAL you. To drown out the expectations and “should’s” of what your path is supposed to be. And instead clarify what feels right and true for you.  I believe that from this place of deep connection and trust to your unique gifts, talents, skills and desires can you then build out the most meaningful and soulful success that you’re deeply desiring.  It’s not about starting a business, or climbing the ladder. It’s about getting clear on YOU and executing on a STRATEGY that feels exciting to YOU as you define success.  Which brings me to today’s podcast….where we’ll be exploring how to get clear on your version of soulful success i.e. meaningful work.  And beyond that whether the path there is about energetics or strategy.  If you’re desiring to create a career that lights YOU up from within and allows you to get paid being you, then this episode is for you.  For all the show notes come on over to:

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