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How to Spot The Real Reason You're Feeling Stuck In Life and Work

I was working with a client recently in a VIP day to support her in getting unstuck in her life and work. At the end she said... “I can’t believe that deep down this one thing was holding me back. I’m both embarrassed and also relieved. Embarrassed that this thing is even an issue and also relieved that it’s not got a grip on me anymore.” And that’s the thing…the things that hold us back in our life, work and relationships…often live in our shadows.  They’re things we don’t want to admit, let alone see or give space to explore. Getting unstuck requires vulnerability and intimacy to meet ALL the parts of you…your strengths and talents as well as the aspects of you that aren’t so perfect or polished.  In today’s episode we’ll be exploring how to spot the real reason you’re feeling stuck in life and work…. Ready to get real, honest and vulnerable? Let’s do it. For all the show notes come on over to:

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