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The Top 6 Challenges High Achiever's Face When Advancing Their Careers

The other day I received a whatsapp message on my ex work friends group chat. On the chat we reminisced about the “old days” we worked together at the same company. I mentioned this to my husband who still works at this same company and we started to talk about our journeys since I left. He asked me what I wish I knew back then that I know now…. I shared that there is so much more that meets the eye when it comes to when something isn’t working and you're feeling stuck. And that unless you address the deeper rooted challenges, they’ll keep following you around.  For example, back in corporate I suffered imposter syndrome big time. It served me for a time to give 110% to my work. And that dedication paid off.  I was promoted from analyst to Associate Director in 4 short years before being approached to join an American Investment Bank (my seemingly perfect dream job).  But this quality had a shadow side.   Deep down the fundamental belief I held was that I wasn’t enough and therefore had to work harder than everyone else. It meant I said yes to everyone’s demands (hello people pleasing) and it drove me to burnout until I just couldn’t hack it anymore.   That “not good enough” mentality followed me into my entrepreneurship and still makes an appearance from time to time.  Naturally I work with women and men who have similar traits - high achievers - who want to do a lot and who’s work deeply matters to them. But that struggle with burnout, overwhelm, perfectionism and more. In today’s episode I want to share with you what I wish I knew back then, what I believe this stuff is important to look out for as you advance your career. Because if you don’t it might cut it short prematurely.  With that let’s dive in… For all the show notes come on over to:

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