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Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy With Dr. Rebecca Ray

Ever had those moments where the words "YES" come outta your mouth, but you really mean "no"? Offft. In this episode, I invite clinical psychologist, Dr. Rebecca Ray, back onto the Brandfetti podcast (her last episode remains to be one of the hottest episodes on Brandfetti!) to chat all about the importance of setting boundaries (in our business, and in our personal life), how to respectfully ask the people around you to honour your needs, why we feel the need to "people please", and how to protect your energy so you don’t find yourself energetically and mentionally drained. This is a juicy one! If you joined this episode don't forget to tag me @anitasiek and @drrebeccaray and share with us your biggest takeaway. Pssst. Wanna get your paws on 5 e copy lessons in your inbox? Get it here: For more BTS follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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