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How to Build a Sustainable Profitable Business, Your Way With Jo Kendall

In this special episode, I bring in one of my Fetti Mastermind and Course Alumni members from 2021, Jo Kendall. A meditation therapist and counselor, Jo shares openly about her journey to reshaping her business in a way that aligns with the lifestyle she wants to live. We chat about why it's important to slow down, ways to navigate around stress and anxiousness, the power of our breath, and how creating a sustainable business structure and framework for her business has led her to become a published author, sell out programs, and cast her impact net out there into the world to help more people. My high-touch 7 month Fetti Mastermind is now over 50% full and we close applications in a few days. Want in? DM me at @anitasiek and I'll share with you the exclusive link.

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