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How to Say What You Do in a Way That’s Different With DI Foster

In this special episode, I bring in one of my Fetti Mastermind and Course Alumni members from 2021, Di Foster. A business simplifier and mindset shifter, we peel back the curtains in this episode as to Di's incredible journey from terminal cancer diagnosis to radical remission, how she has navigated the rollercoaster of business and life, how uncovering her message and what she does in the last year has helped her gain clarity on her business direction, and a simple approach she adopts whenever she feels unsure or challenged. I am FINALLY opening some spots to my high-touch 7 month Fetti Mastermind (we've been sold out for a year!). It's 7 months. 16 humans (some spots already snapped by the waitlist). Uber intimate. We dive into the 360 of business, brand and life for growth. Want in? DM me on @anitasiek now.

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