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Heartwarming Victory Over Self-Harm and Cutting

**A gentle warning, this episode discusses self-harm and cutting. If you are feeling vulnerable in this area, please consult with a doctor or mental health professional in your area. Or call one of the Suicide Prevention numbers listed in the resources.** How do you begin the process of recovery when you discover someone you love is self-harming? On this week's episode of The Warfare Parenting Podcast, Dena Yohe returns to share with us the story of her daughter's recovery from self-harm and cutting, and how her recovery lead to the birth of the ministry To Write Love on Her Arms. Dena shares the story of how her daughter, Renee, began self-harm when she was just 12 years old, and how, over the course of years, that story of pain, depression and shame turned into a story of victory for Renee, Dena and their whole family. Dena shares what it was like as a mother finding out her daughter was self-harming, how she could have approached the situation better when she first discovered it, and tips for parents to assist them in getting their child the best help possible. She also shares how the enemy often tries to use shame and embarrassment to get us to not talk about these difficult situations, and why it is so important that we do not let the shame of self-harm prevent us from finding help and recovery. Who is Dena Yohe? Dena Yohe and her husband Tom are the co-founders of Hope for Hurting Parents, a ministry dedicated to helping parents who are grieving over the destructive choices of their teen and adult children. The Yohes’ ability to bring advice and encouragement to parents is born out of the dark times they experienced with their formerly troubled daughter, Renee, who suffered from addiction, depression, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. Renee has recovered and is now enjoying a successful career as a singer-songwriter and jewelry designer. Her story is the genesis of a global non-profit movement called To Write Love on Her Arms and a movie by the same name. Things We Talk About in this Episode: Where do you start looking for help when you discover your child has started self-harm? What is the best thing you can say to your child when you find out they are struggling with depression or self-harm How do you ensure you get your child the best help possible so they can recover from their mental illness? Why is it so important to talk about topics like self-harm and not let shame dictate our actions? What is To Write Love on Her Arms and how impactful has it been to those struggling with mental illness? Resources from this Episode: Visit Dena's website, Hope for Hurting Parents, at hopeforhurtingparents.com as well as To Write Love on Her Arm's website, twloha.com US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 Or you can text "home" to 741741 Free Resources - A Gift from Laine to You! https://lainelawsoncraft.com/life Free - Is Life Hurting Too Much: The Three R's to Walking into Healing" E-BOOK DOWNLOAD FREE: 5 Warfare Prayers for Your Prodigal: https://lainelawsoncraft.com/warfare-prayers/ Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Warfare Parenting. I hope you've found some encouragement or helpful info in this episode to help you on your journey. If you have a specific topic, you'd like me to talk about or a guest you'd like me to have on the show. Please feel free to send me a message on Instagram or Facebook. You can even text "Hi Laine" to 55444. Follow the podcast, so you never miss an episode, and leave me a rating and review. I would be so grateful!

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