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Navigating the Crisis of Prodigal Children

  Welcome to another episode of the Warfare Parenting Podcast. Today, we'll be delving into the complex and often challenging topic of navigating the crisis of prodigal children. Today, Monica Schmelter and Laine Lawson Craft, continue sharing personal insights and experiences as they discuss the struggles and hope that come with parenting prodigal children. From the impact of social media and peer pressure to the importance of taking authority as a parent, they candidly address the prevalent issues families are facing today. They also provide practical strategies and a message of hope for parents and guardians who are walking a similar path. Tune in as we explore this critical topic and discover the ways faith and resilience can bring healing and restoration to families.   Laine Lawson Craft, host of the Warfare Parenting Podcast, offers a guiding light for parents navigating the challenges of raising a prodigal child. With a mission to provide support and share stories of hope, Laine offers practical advice and spiritual strategies to help bring wayward children back home. Through her podcast, she aims to show that with faith and determination, anything is possible. Join Laine on the journey to healing and hope, knowing that you are not alone in the struggles of parenting a prodigal child.   00:00 Warfare Parenting Podcast: Faith, hope, and support. 05:47 Parents must be aware and take action. 09:20 Parents and grandparents have spiritual authority to pray. 11:12 Understanding mental health struggles in young people. 17:21 Parents under attack, prodigal and bringing home. 18:05 Parents lean liberal, being friends, lacking discipline. 23:25 Establish boundaries, listen, and affirm children's choices. 25:09 Ensuring safety and guidance for children. 27:16 Encouraging parenting podcast with Laine Lawson Craft.   Primary Topic: Introduction to Prodigal Children Crisis - Discuss the prevalence and impact of prodigal children in families today - Explore the influence of social media and technology on peer pressure and exposure to harmful content Primary Topic: Authority and Parenting - Emphasize the importance of parental authority and engagement in children's lives - Discuss the challenges faced by parents in the current cultural and technological landscape - Highlight the need for parents to take authority and constantly reevaluate and adapt their approach as children age Primary Topic: Parental Responsibility and Influence - Discuss the impact of influencers and media on children's behavior and perspectives - Emphasize the need for parents to take proactive measures in protecting and guiding their children - Discuss the prevalent issues of mental health, anxiety, and depression in young children and teenagers Primary Topic: Resetting Family Dynamics - Emphasize the power of apology and the concept of starting a "reset" as a family - Discuss the importance of setting new rules and implementing changes together as a family - Encourage open communication and collaboration between parents and children in establishing boundaries and consequences Primary Topic: Parent-Child Relationship - Discuss the challenges of wanting to be a friend to the child while maintaining parental authority - Highlight the need for open and honest communication between parents and children of all ages - Emphasize the role of parents as coaches and guides, particularly with adult children Primary Topic: Path Forward and Nurturing Change - Discuss the importance of prayer, honesty, and flexibility in nurturing positive changes within the family - Emphasize the impact of involving children in setting rules, boundaries, and consequences - Highlight the power of having signed agreements and clear expectations within the family Primary Topic: Resources and Support - Invite listeners to access free resources, podcasts, and books for further guidance and support - Empower parents with practical strategies, encouragement, an

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