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Faith and Healing for Families

Welcome to the Warfare Parenting podcast, where we bring you real-life stories of faith, hope, and healing for families. In this episode titled "Faith and Healing for Families," we dive into a powerful conversation about the struggles of parenting prodigals. Laine Lawson Craft and Monica Schmelter share personal experiences and stories of hope, discussing how faith can turn things around for families facing crises when a child abandons the faith they were raised with. Hear about the transformative power of God's intervention in the lives of three children, offering encouragement and tangible examples of how God can bring prodigals back home. Join us as we explore the path to healing and hope together.   Laine Lawson Craft's life took a dark turn when her son, Stephen, fell into a 15-year struggle with drug addiction. However, a chance encounter with an Uber driver, who happened to be a pastor, changed everything. The Uber driver felt compelled to pray for Stephen, and as he prayed, the presence of God filled the car, leading to a powerful transformation in Stephen's life. This experience has inspired Laine to share a message of hope, emphasizing that Stephen didn't have to clean up his life for God to rescue him.     Key Topics Primary Topic: Introduction to Warfare Parenting Podcast - Introduction to the podcast's purpose - Introduction to the guests and their personal experiences - Overview of the importance of faith and healing for families Primary Topic: God's Intervention in Family Healing - Personal testimony of how God intervened in the guest's marriage - The role of faith in turning things around - Drawing on past experiences of God's interventions for hope in the present Primary Topic: Stories of Prodigals - Sharing personal experiences of the host's prodigal children - Personal struggles and dark periods faced by the prodigal children - The impact of negative influences on the prodigal children's lives Primary Topic: Miraculous Interventions in Prodigal Children's Lives - Testimony of miraculous interventions in the prodigal children's lives - Unexpected catalysts leading to spiritual transformations - The role of prayer and God's diverse methods of intervention Primary Topic: Unforeseen Paths to Healing - Emphasizing that God can use unexpected means to bring about healing - Acknowledging that human plans may not align with God's plans - Highlighting the tangible nature of God's presence in personal experiences Primary Topic: Dealing with Depressive Thoughts - Sharing personal experiences of depression in one of the prodigal children - The transformative power of God's presence in alleviating depressive thoughts - The role of prayer in dealing with depression and God's timely intervention Primary Topic: Tying It All Together - Encouraging listeners with the message of hope and faith - Reiterating the availability of tangible, tangible support from God - Encouraging engagement with the podcast's resources and social media platforms Primary Topic: Conclusion - Closing remarks from the host - Promotion of resources, including a free chapter of the host's book - Encouragement to subscribe and stay connected with the podcast community     Timestamps 00:00 Monica hosts discussion on children leaving faith. 03:21 Happy child, dark influence, life transformation miracle. 08:42 Fighting for children's mental health amid faith.  11:11 Parenting podcast offers hope and spiritual strategies.     Keywords parenting prodigals, faith in parenting, crisis of faith, raising children, family struggles, hope, faith, healing, personal experience, best selling author, award winner, podcast, rescue, marriage, relationship, religion, dark days, prodigals, return, personal experience, faith, journey, prodigals, sons, drugs, alcohol, transformation, demonic attack, healing, depression, spiritual strategies, encouragement.

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