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When Life Hurts

Welcome to the the Warfare Parenting podcast! In today's episode, "When Life Hurts," we delve into the challenging topic of parenting when faced with a prodigal child. Laine Lawson Craft, joined Monica Schmelter On Bridges to discuss the harsh realities and emotional toll of raising a child who walks away from their Christian faith. They explore the misconceptions and pressures faced by parents, offering valuable insights and guidance for navigating this complex issue. Tune in for an honest and uplifting conversation that will bring hope and encouragement to parents facing similar struggles. Please stay connected with us by following the podcast and joining the conversation on our social media platforms. Thank you for joining us on this impactful episode of the Warfare Parenting podcast!   Laine Lawson Craft is a well-known figure in the world of parenting and family dynamics. With a passion for helping others navigate the challenges of raising children, Laine hosts the popular podcast "Warfare Parenting". Through her show, she offers encouragement, helpful advice, and insightful discussions with guests to support her audience on their journey through parenthood. Laine also actively engages with her followers on social media, making it easy for them to connect with her and stay updated on the latest episodes of the podcast. With her expertise and dedication to her community, Laine continues to make a positive impact in the lives of parents and families everywhere.   00:00 Discussion about painful times, specifically with prodigal children. 04:37 Cognitive choice to stand together for kids. 07:52 Pray for non-judgmental support for troubled families. 10:42 Believe in second chances, love until the end. 12:32 Join for parenting advice, stay tuned!   Primary Topic: Understanding Prodigal Children - The widespread issue of prodigal children in Christian families - Exploring root causes of children walking away from their Christian faith - Dispelling the misconception of bad parenting leading to children becoming prodigals - The impact of the current culture including peer pressure and social media on prodigal children Primary Topic: Navigating Complex Issues - Recognizing that chaos in the home can affect children - The importance of unified and supportive parenting, even in separated or divorced households - Addressing misconceptions and common beliefs about parenting and prodigal children - Combating isolation and stigma by seeking support and prayer from trusted individuals Primary Topic: Family Reconnect Phase - The belief in the possibility of turning around the situation - Initiating open communication and maintaining dialogue with prodigal children - Seeding positive words and nurturing hope for a turnaround in the prodigal child - Depicting how God's Word has the potential to soften hardened hearts and bring about change Primary Topic: Conclusion and Podcast Information - Providing encouragement and helpful information to parents - Call to action for audience engagement and feedback - Directing the audience to stay connected and offering ways to do so - Inviting feedback and support in the form of ratings and reviews for the show   parenting, prodigal child, Christian faith, church, Christian parents, self-destructive choices, guilt, shame, isolation, peer pressure, chaotic homes, raising children, teenage children, prodigal, misconceptions, stigma, prayer, family, reconnect, communication, grace, mercy, turnaround, seeds, nurturing, God's word, encouragement, Instagram, Facebook, connection

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