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Amanda Florczykowski's Unraveled Journey

In this episode of Warfare Parenting, we dive into the incredible and harrowing story of Amanda Florczykowski. With host Laine Lawson Craft, Amanda shares the chilling account of her toddler's near-abduction in a grocery store, and how this life-altering event propelled her into a mission to combat trafficking and protect children. As Amanda shares her story, we explore her founding of Able Moms International Ministry and her book, "Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears." Join us as we uncover the powerful journey of faith, perseverance, and advocacy that has emerged from this traumatic experience, and how Amanda has transformed it into a mission of hope and healing. About Amanda Amanda Florczykowski's life changed when her family's life collided with the trafficking epidemic in the United States. As a college-educated mother of four, she was unaware of the issue happening in their own backyards. This realization prompted her to become an advocate and raise awareness about trafficking, especially within the church. Amanda sees the hand of the Lord in her life, building up to this moment, where she is using her voice to make a difference. Timestamps 00:00 Realizing divine purpose through unexpected encounter with trafficking. 04:05 Helping couple at checkout, reflecting Christian values. 09:18 Stranger takes daughter, disappears, leaving no trace. 12:00 Believes daughter was likely being groomed for abduction. 13:18 Series of divine connections lead to transformation. 18:20 Church addressing social issues, confronting moral responsibility. 21:16 Warfare parenting podcast: Hope, faith, and resources. Key topics and points Primary Topic: Introduction to Amanda and her experience - Introduction to Amanda's background and her role as founder of Able Moms International Ministry - Discussion of Amanda's book, "Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears" - Laine expressing excitement about the upcoming episodes featuring Amanda's story Primary Topic: The Abduction Attempt - Amanda recounts her traumatic experience of a nearly-abducted toddler in a grocery store - Detailed account of the encounter with the suspicious couple and the man who tried to engage Amanda in conversation about her children - Description of the frightening moment when the woman tried to forcibly take Amanda's daughter from her - Amanda's realization and response to the potential danger, and the subsequent encounter with the cashier and the suspicious man Primary Topic: Shocking Discoveries and Pushback - Amanda shares her shock at the disbelief and pushback she encountered when sharing her experience and delving into the topic of trafficking - Discussion of the sacrifices and challenges faced by Amanda and her family, including personal tragedies that occurred in the aftermath of the abduction attempt - Amanda's reflection on the need for awareness and the sacrifices involved in advocating for the issue of child trafficking Primary Topic: Writing "Unraveled" and Founding Able Moms - Discussion of the simultaneous development of "Unraveled" and the founding of Able Moms International Ministry - Amanda's conviction to address the need for awareness and illumination of the dark realities of child trafficking - Amanda's recounting of the moments of spiritual conviction and motivation that led her to write "Unraveled" and establish Able Moms Primary Topic: Importance of Faith and Finding Purpose - The integral role of faith and spiritual conviction in Amanda's journey following the abduction attempt - Amanda's perspective on how the traumatic experience led her to a deeper connection with her faith and the mission of bringing awareness to child trafficking - The message of turning pain into purpose and finding strength in faith Primary Topic: Where to Get "Unraveled" - Amanda provides information on where to purchase her book, "Unraveled," redirecting potential readers to her website for access Primary

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