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From Trauma to Triumph: Amanda Florczykowski's Journey and the Mission of Able Moms

In this episode of the Warfare Parenting Podcast, host Laine Lawson Craft dives into a powerful conversation with Amanda Florczykowski, founder of Able Moms, and author of Unraveled. They discuss Amanda's inspiring journey as a mother of 5 and her mission to help others after her daughter's abduction experience. Amanda shares her deep passion for empowering moms to become capable in their everyday practical parenting, unshakable in their faith, and memorable in their mentorship. Through Able Moms, Amanda aims to provide moms with the support and resources they need to navigate the challenges of motherhood. They also touch upon the success stories within Able Moms and the future goals to expand and reach more moms across the country. Tune in for an episode filled with hope, faith, and practical strategies for parenting in today's world. About Amanda Amanda Florczykowski, a career woman and mother of two, realized the true value of motherhood when she became pregnant with her second child. Despite being on the verge of receiving awards for her company, she had a profound realization that her children were what truly mattered to her. Understanding the eternal impact of motherhood, Amanda embraced her role as a mother and continued to view her work as a ministry. She found fulfillment in balancing her career and motherhood, recognizing the importance of both in her life.   Timestamps   00:00 Successful career woman prioritizes family over accolades. 03:31 Shifted focus to motherhood, joined moms group. 07:13 Military mom finds support in vital community. 11:50 Laine Lawson Craft offers hope and support.   Key topics and points   Primary Topic: Amanda’s Mission and Experience Sub-topics: - Brief overview of Amanda’s experience with child abduction - God’s role in shaping Amanda’s mission - Amanda’s involvement with Able Moms Primary Topic: Core Mission of Able Moms Sub-topics: - The purpose of Able Moms for mothers - Description of the resources and events provided by Able Moms - Emphasis on the spiritual and emotional support available through Able Moms Primary Topic: Testimonial - Impact of Able Moms Sub-topics: - Highlights of a specific success story from Able Moms - Stress on the importance of community and support for struggling moms - The impact of Able Moms’ model on the participants Primary Topic: Future Goals for Able Moms Sub-topics: - Vision for expanding Able Moms to every state - The significance of more moms stepping up as leaders - The potential impact of Able Moms’ growth on mothers nationwide Primary Topic: Able Moms Curriculum and Resources Sub-topics:  - Description of the curriculum and video content - Explanation of how the resources are utilized by local moms' groups - Emphasis on the simplicity and accessibility of the resources Primary Topic: How to Get Involved with Able Moms Sub-topics:  - Guidelines for moms interested in joining Able Moms - Details on where to find information and how to contact Able Moms - Availability of coaching and support for those interested in starting a local group Primary Topic: Conclusion and Next Episode Sub-topics: - Gratitude for Amanda’s time and contribution - Teaser for the next episode - Encouragement for listeners to engage with the podcast and host's other resources   Warfare Parenting Podcast, parenting prodigals, struggles, faith, healing, hope, episode 2, Amanda, Able Moms, Unraveled Author, child abduction, child trafficking, trafficking epidemic, United States, parenting tips, spiritual side of parenting, mentorship, community, practical parenting, faith, leadership, loneliness, COVID impact on moms, future goals, curriculum, mom leaders, Ablemoms.org, busy moms, spiritual strategies, prodigal children, free resources, Laine Lawson Craft

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