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How Do You Influence Your Loved One to Get Help? With Barbara Decker

Addiction is something that affects millions of families throughout the world. Parents that have a child struggling with any type of addiction want to find an answer to the most important question, how can I help my child break free of this? That is why I am so excited to have Barbara Decker back on The Warfare Parenting Podcast. Barbara breaks down the "whys" behind addiction and why it can be such a devistating illness on both the child and their family. She explains how we can begin influencing our loved one towards finding the help that they need while also setting healthy boundaries for ourselves. Barbara's discussion today is truly life changing for families that have an addictive child. If you would like to learn more about Barbara's ministry, watch a free webinar or look inside a live coaching call, visit her website: www.livewellandfully.com Who is Barbara Decker? Barbara Decker is a Certified Family Recovery Specialist and founder of Live Well and Fully. Her Love Another Way Program has helped parents support their children through addiction-based challenges. Barbara’s Transformative Boundaries helps the mother-child relationship thrive, and parents learn the best ways to interact with, support, and encourage their adult children to overcome their addiction-based challenges. Her efforts have helped families restore peace in their homes and in their minds. The heartwarming testimonials the program receives are part of the reason why she wants to share her program far and wide. Things We Talk About in this Episode: What's the most important thing to know for a parent who has a child struggling with addiction? Is addiction considered a disease and why is it important to recognize how hard struggling with addiction can be? How does addiction affect the brain? What can we do as parents to help influence our child to get help for their addiction? Resources: Our listeners can learn more about Barbara’s story and the work she is doing with parents on her website: www.livewellandfully.com You can also sign up for Barbara's workshop by clicking the link here: Your son or daughter’s addiction doesn't have to ruin your life. - Live Well & Fully Order Laine's New Book, The Parent's Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal, here: www.amazon.com/Parents-Battle-Plan-Strategies-Prodigal Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Warfare Parenting. I hope you've found some encouragement or helpful info in this episode to help you on your journey. If you have a specific topic, you'd like me to talk about or a guest you'd like me to have on the show. Please feel free to send me a message on Instagram or Facebook. You can even text "Hi Laine" to 55444. Follow the podcast, so you never miss an episode, and leave me a rating and review. I would be so grateful!

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