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Many Resources Helping Your Depressed Teen or Young Adult with Dr. Michelle Bengston

**A gentle warning, this episode discusses depression and suicide. If you are feeling vulnerable in this area, please consult with a doctor or mental health professional in your area. Or call the Suicide Prevention number listed in the resources.** We have been so blessed to have certified neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Bengston, walking us through what depression is and sharing her own story of dealing with depression. This week we are excited to share with you resources you can use if you believe your teen or young adult is depressed. Dr. Bengston explains that the first thing a parent needs to do if they believe their teen or young adult is depressed, is schedule an appointment with a license medical professional. This is because there are so many medical conditions that can mimic depression, but also allow the medical professional to recommend next steps for your child. Dr. Bengston provides spiritual guidance as well, showing how we can turn to God to help guide us and our children through this season of hardship. Finally, she also breaks down specific techniques and treatments for parents in addition to resources. If you believe your teen or young adult is struggling with depression and you are looking for resources, this episode will help provide you the tools you need to assist your child. Who is Dr. Michelle Bengtson? Dr. Michelle Bengtson is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist with more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and mental disorders in children, adults, and seniors. Dr. Bengtson worked at several major medical centers prior to starting her private clinical practice in Southlake, Texas in the year 2000. She worked in rehabilitation, consultation and liason, hematology and oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry departments of both pediatric and general medical institutions. She worked extensively with patients suffering from chronic mental illness, traumatic brain injury, stroke, seizures, learning disabilities, attention and memory disorders, developmental disorders, and psychological difficulties. She loves offering practical resources to help her audience grow in your walk with the Lord. Things We Talk About in this Episode: What is the first thing that you should do if you believe your teen is struggling with depression? Why is this step important? When should medication be considered for depression and is it always necessary? What are the benefits of lifestyle changes like exercise for depression? Are they a suitable method for treating depression? Resources: Purchase Dr. Michelle's Book, Hope Prevails, at the link here: www.amazon.com/Hope-Prevails-Insights-Personal-Depression/dp/080072707X Purchase the Hope Prevails Bible Study here: www.amazon.com/Hope-Prevails-Bible-Study-Depression/dp/1683142535 Our listeners can learn more about Dr. Michelle and her resources, books, blog posts, and more by checking out her website: www.drmichellebengtson.com US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 Or you can text "home" to 741741 Another wonderful resource is the National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI which you can learn more about at their website here: www.nami.org Free Resources - A Gift from Laine to You! https://lainelawsoncraft.com/life Free - Is Life Hurting Too Much: The Three R's to Walking into Healing" E-BOOK DOWNLOAD FREE: 5 Warfare Prayers for Your Prodigal: https://lainelawsoncraft.com/warfare-prayers/ Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Warfare Parenting. I hope you've found some encouragement or helpful info in this episode to help you on your journey. If you have a specific topic, you'd like me to talk about or a guest you'd like me to have on the show. Please feel free to send me a message on Instagram or Facebook. You can even text "Hi Laine" to 55444. Follow the podcast, so you never miss an episode, and leave me a rating and review. I would be so grateful!

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