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The Untold Story of How I Became An Untamed CEO

Last week I spoke about what an untamed CEO is and why I want more women to be one.  When I talk about being a CEO, I’m not talking about becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but rather becoming the Chief Executive Officer, the leader of your own life and career and taking matters into your own hands. It can feel quite daunting when it comes to navigating how you can create an aligned career into something that feels purposeful to you.  Truth be told, when I was going on this journey I consulted a lot of assessments and tools to try and help me figure out my path. Whilst these can certainly help…the process is so much deeper.  I believe that pursuing something meaningful to you is also a journey into becoming the REAL untamed YOU in the process. In today’s episode of the podcast I’m sharing with you what my journey has been to becoming the Untamed CEO of my own life as a means to share with you the core pillars that have supported me in figuring out the direction that I am being called in. If “untamed” makes you think “that’s not me” - think again. I’m a naturally introverted, shy and quiet type - and my version of untamed isn’t what you think.  If you feel like you want to unleash more of your energy, gifts and talents in the world - this one’s for you.  For all the show notes come on over to:

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