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The 5 Ways High Achiever's Unintentionally Keep Themselves Stuck in Life + Work

If you’re listening to this podcast chances are you’re a high achiever and top performer and someone who wants to do really well in your life and in your work.  And yet you might find that sometimes you feel a little bit stuck. Perhaps you sabotage your success…you hold don’t say the thing you need to say.  Even though you KNOW you want that next level thing and know what to do… …..sometimes your body and your heart might not give you the resources to actually do that.  Subtly and subconsciously it will hold you back.  In today’s episode we’re exploring the specific 5 ways that high-achievers keep themselves stuck from going after that next level in both life, career and business.  So you can identify what’s at play for you and more importantly what you can do to get unstuck.  For all the show notes come on over to:

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