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Flower Recycling & Minimalism With Phoebe Hunter

Simple living can be more than a way of being, it can also turn into your life’s passion, work and purpose. Phoebe Hunter has created a business out of recycling flowers and plants and in today's podcast episode we explore the many ways you can live more sustainably and explore thinking outside the box to create amazing business opportunities, while preserving the environment at the same time. In this episode we explore: A little about Phoebe’s life growing up and her passion for recycling to create items Why Phoebe was drawn to work with recycled flowers and nature  How to use flowers and plants to recycle and what they can be used for Learn ways you can create die and color from items in your home Minimalism in the home and for creative projects Understand Phoebe's offers and how you can find and work with her  Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Show Links:

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