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Winter Wisdom: Embracing the Water Element| E196

Do you enjoy winter? Many clients and students when I ask this question say no or not really, because they don’t like the cold, lack of sunlight or having to stay inside more (this also used to be me). But mother earth created seasons for a reason, and in this episode we explore the energy of winter and its significance as a time for rest, recharging and replenishment. Inspired by the wisdom of the water element, in this podcast we delve into how the cooler, darker days of winter invite us to slow down, conserve energy, and connect deeply with our inner selves. Join us as we discuss the practices and insights that can help us harness the restorative power of this season. Episode Highlights: Embrace and learn how to practice the importance of winter rest. Understand why winter is the most yin season of the year for deep nourishment and energy conservation. Learn the importance of nourishing the Water Element in winter. Understand the energetic, metaphysical and emotional aspects of winter. Reflect on the past season and set intentions during the winter solstice. Learn how to balance your water element with specific foods, essential oils, and lifestyle practices. Tune in to this episode to learn how to make the most of the cooler winter's months and create space for adjustments to our lifestyle during this season. Show Links:

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