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Navigating April 2024: Relationships, Retrogrades, and Lunar Insights | E187

April 2024 is looking like it will be intense. This month we all need to ride the waves of change as April unfolds with its unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Are you ready to learn how to navigate April 2024 with more awareness and curiosity? This podcast will guide you through the changing seasons, astrological updates, and intuitive insights to help you navigate the shifts and opportunities that April 2024 brings.  In this episode, we'll cover: Seasonal Shifts: Reflecting on the transition into Autumn and the impact of the March Equinox. Monthly Energy Theme: Unveiling April's theme and how to align with its energy for personal and professional growth. Mercury Retrograde Insights: Strategies for managing the Mercury retrograde period from April 1st to 24th. Lunar Updates: Insights into the New Moon in Aries and the Full Moon in Scorpio, and how to harness their energies. Intuitive Energy Supports: Personal guidance from Ilana to support your well-being throughout the month. Affirmations: Powerful affirmations to keep you focused and uplifted. Upcoming Events: Information on events and retreats happening soon. Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Ask Ilana: new addition to the podcast! Submit your question using this form and i’ll pick one a month to answer on the show. Show Links:

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