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From Overwhelmed To Empowered: Grounding with Vital Energy | E194

Life is unreliable and no matter how planned and organised we are, challenges, obstacles and the unknown will happen. In this episode, Ilana shares a powerful technique to reconnect to your vital energy and core when life throws you a curveball. This simple tool is perfect for re-centring and grounding yourself during challenging times.  Ilana discusses her recent struggles with childcare support and sleep deprivation, and how she has been using this technique to navigate through these difficulties. She guides listeners through a step-by-step exercise to connect back to their source of inner power and regain a sense of control, and positivity. In this podcast we explore: Personal Update: Ilana shares her recent challenges with inconsistent childcare support, and navigating sleep deprivation due to her daughter’s teething. 40th Birthday Reflections: Ilana reflects on her recent 40th birthday trip and the adjustments needed when traveling with a toddler. Vital Energy Technique: Introduction to a grounding and recentering tool that helps connect to your core and vital energy. Empathic Experiences: Ilana shares an empathic experience involving a friend’s cat and the importance of regrounding after such events. Guided Exercise: Learn the step-by-step standing exercise to connect to your vital energy. It includes grounding, breathing, and visualising techniques. Empowerment: Emphasis on taking back control of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to life’s challenges. Client Updates: Ilana provides updates on her client session availability and expresses gratitude for her patience during this time. Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Show Links:

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