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Unlocking Kinesiology: Denise Robinson Wisdom on Energy, Remedies, and Boundaries | E184

Ready to learn more about Kinesiology? Perhap even study it? In this episode I interviewed Denise Robinsion, one of my mentors and she shared valuable information about Kinesiology, energy and her Kinesiology school.  In this podcast we explored: Denise’s journey to finding Kinesiology Learn Denise’s definition of energy We discuss our own 1 sentence tag lines for explaining Kinesiology Learn 3 questions Denise get asked the most about Kinesiology Denise share’s what is a remedy and why they assist in clearing energy Understand Denise’s favourite energy clearing tools right now Learn importance of yin and yang boundaries in business and as a woman Denise shares information about studying Kinesiology with her Learn where to find more about Denise and her Kinesiology school Get ready to shift your energy and perspective of Kinesiology with 'The Energy Shift' podcast!" Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Ask Ilana: new addition to the podcast! Submit your question using this form and i’ll pick one a month to answer on the show. Show Links:

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