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Understanding Peri Menopause With Own Your Health Co

Do you know the ages and cyclical cycles of your hormones as a woman? Are you aware that peri menopause can start sending you whispers from around age 35? In today’s epiosde we explore what is peri menopause and how you can prepare your mind, body and soul for the life changes you will experience as a women with Natalie and Lisa from Own Your Health Co! In this episode we discuss: How Natalie and Lisa’s joint business was created Learn the ‘why and passion’ for educating women and workplaces about peri/menopause We discuss  what is peri / menopause Understand the signs and symptoms of peri / menopause Find out the tools and tips to ease the transition and symptoms of menopause Natalie and Lisa’s challenges and lessons with their cycles and peri menopause  Importance of educating self around mind, body and soul awareness How to start having difficult conversations around your cycle at home and work Learn how to find out more about Own your Health Co Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Show Links:

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