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Resources on What to do for Cutting and Self-Harm

**A gentle warning, this episode discusses self-harm and cutting. If you are feeling vulnerable in this area, please consult with a doctor or mental health professional in your area. Or call one of the Suicide Prevention numbers listed in the resources.** What would you do if you discovered your child was suffering from self-harm and depression? Would you know where to go to get them the best help possible? On this episode of The Warfare Parenting Podcast, we conclude our conversation with Author Dena Yohe on self-harm and where parents can begin looking for resources if they suspect their child is dealing with self-harm and cutting.  Dena shares a list of important resources for parents from books to websites to even support groups hosted through Hope for Hurting Parents. Dena stresses the importance of listening as a parent when they discover their child is self-harming and then equipping themselves with knowledge from books and websites. She also shares the importance of online and in person support groups and how talking with other families can create a sense of community and understanding for both the child and the parents. Who is Dena Yohe? Dena Yohe and her husband Tom are the co-founders of Hope for Hurting Parents, a ministry dedicated to helping parents who are grieving over the destructive choices of their teen and adult children. The Yohes’ ability to bring advice and encouragement to parents is born out of the dark times they experienced with their formerly troubled daughter, Renee, who suffered from addiction, depression, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. Renee has recovered and is now enjoying a successful career as a singer-songwriter and jewelry designer. Her story is the genesis of a global non-profit movement called To Write Love on Her Arms and a movie by the same name. Things We Talk About in this Episode: What resources are available to help children and parents dealing with depression, self-harm and other mental illnesses? Why are group sessions helpful for those struggling with self-harm? What does Hope for Hurting Parents offer to help these families that are walking through this? What is S.A.F.E Alternatives and why should it be considered a valuable resource? Here are all the resources we talked about in this episode, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out Dena's Book, You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids. Visit Dena's Website, Hope for Hurting Parents, here: hopeforhurtingparents.com   Purchase Dena's Book here: You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids    Learn more about Hope for Hurting Parents Support Group Curriculum here: hopeforhurtingparents.com/support-groups-2/   Hope for Hurting Parents Facilitator Guide Hope for Hurting Parents Parent Notebook   National Alliance on Mental Illness  nami.org   Self-Mutilators Anonymous--recently changed their name to Self Injury Recovery Anonymous (SIRA), thesira.org   Mercy Multiplied: mercymultiplied.com Founder, Nancy Alcorn has numerous books including: Cut: Mercy for Self Harm    A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain by Marilee Strong   Turning the Tide of Emotional Turbulence: Devotions for Parents with Teens in Crisis by Stacy Lee Flury   Mom, I Hate My LIfe! Becoming your daughter's ally through the emotional ups and downs of adolescence by Sharon Hersh; she wrote a series for moms and teen daughters: Mom, I Feel Fat!, Mom, I Hate my Life!, Mom, Everyone Else Does!, and Mom, Sex is NO Big Deal!   S.A.F.E. Alternatives (Self Abuse Finally Ends) selfinjury.com  Their website is full of recommended books and journal articles.   To Write Love on Her Arms twloha.com; blog, stories that offer information, community and hope. You can read the story written about our daughter that started this movement here.   Watch the trailer for the To Write Love on Her Arms Movie here. (warning: someone who is activel

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