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Fixing Britain’s crumbling schools and broken politics

Nish and Coco reflect on a scandal they think is a perfect metaphor for Tory-led Britain. Schools have had to close because they’ve been built using cheap and unstable concrete (called RAAC), while there are also concerns over hospitals and other public buildings. So as the country crumbles around us, who’s to blame? Labour leader Keir Starmer has reshuffled his top team ahead of next year’s expected general election. Coco welcomes brand new Shadow Minister for Creative Industries and Digital, Chris Bryant, into the studio. He gives his reaction to his appointment and admits he’s a bit “discombobulated” after a whirlwind day. He reveals how reshuffles haven’t always gone well for him, and impresses Coco with his impression of Tony Blair. He also talks about his new book 'Code of Conduct', which seeks to provide a blueprint to make Westminster politics work better.

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