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Sunak in Israel, by-elections and back to Bibby

The crisis in Israel and Gaza presents a huge challenge for our politicians, both internationally and at home. With protests on the streets and spikes in religious hate crimes, every word uttered by our leaders is diplomatically loaded. Nish and Coco discuss the difficulties of Labour’s position, and then return to record a fresh section at the start of this podcast in reaction to Rishi Sunak’s surprise overnight visit to Israel. Pia Sinha of the Prison Reform Trust helps us understand why our prisons are full to bursting, and whether emergency action from the Justice Secretary will solve the problem. With asylum seekers being returned to the Bibby Stockholm accommodation barge, Anoosh Chakelian of The New Statesman, tells us about meeting some of those men. Plus she also gives us the lowdown on two very intriguing by-elections this week.

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