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Jeremy Hunt’s election budget for big earners and big owners

Did the Chancellor’s much anticipated pre-election budget fall flat? Nish and Coco pick over the details and wonder why our public services are being sacrificed for the sake of tax cuts. There’s reaction from Westminster from political journalist Kiran Stacey, who says that there are signs of the budget unravelling already. Rachelle Earwaker from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says it does nothing for the poorest in society, calling it a budget for “big earners and big owners”. Find out how a sleepy corner of Devon could be about to shake up our political system. Fed up of a first past the post system that’s delivered a Tory MP for the last 99 years, voters in Totnes are organising their own series of primaries to pick a progressive candidate to oust their MP Anthony Mangnall. Could it catch on in other places too?

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