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The man who would be PM: who is the real Keir Starmer?

With a huge lead in the polls, all the signs point to Keir Starmer moving into Downing Street by the end of the year, so how well do we know the man who would be PM? Guest co-presenter Liz Bates attempts to get behind the rather dull public image, by interrogating Tom Baldwin, who spent hours talking to Starmer for his new authoritative biography of the Labour leader. The conversation takes an emotional turn when Liz and Tom discuss Starmer’s difficult relationship with his dad; how he couldn’t hug him on his deathbed, and then later found a hidden scrapbook that showed how proud of his son he really was. They also talk about what makes Starmer tick politically - is there such a thing as Starmerism? - as well as his love of football and music…and Tom reveals what Starmer thinks of the book! Nish joins Liz from Crooked HQ in LA to discuss the fallout from Lee Anderson’s expulsion from the party, and whether the Tories have an islamophobia problem. They also discuss the rogues gallery of candidates competing to win the Rochdale by-election, and Liz reveals what it’s like to get up close and personal on the campaign trail, with the bookies favourite George Galloway.

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