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Sunak’s big fat Greek blunder, plus will COP28 be a COP out?

Rishi Sunak’s decision to publicly snub the Greek Prime Minister in a row over the Parthenon Marbles, has left Nish and Coco wondering whether he possesses any of the skills to be a global statesman? Worrying then, that his next stop is the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. Politico’s Karl Mathiesen joins us to talk about the UK’s place in the climate debate, and the contradictions of a COP hosted by an oil-rich state. Sunak, Cleverly, Braverman, Patel, Javid…the Conservative governments of the last few years have been the most diverse ever. But is that really something to celebrate? Kehinde Andrews, the UK’s first Professor of Black Studies, doesn’t think so. He talks to Nish and Coco about politics, black history, taking on Piers Morgan and much more in a fascinating chat about his book, The Psychosis of Whiteness.

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