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Tory conference sh*tshow + Stormont stalemate

Coco and her special guest Femi Oluwole pore over the bin fire that was the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Was Sunak strengthened or weakened by the whole HS2 fiasco - and what was the thinking behind wheeling out his wife for a surprise appearance? With the likes of Braverman, Truss - and even Farage - being feted by the party faithful, Coco and Femi discuss the party’s lurch to the right. Plus Femi on playing real-life Pokemon Go in Manchester…only with Tory Ministers. What’s it like for the people of Northern Ireland to be without a functioning government for the last 18 months? The SDLP’s Matthew O’Toole explains the real world effects of the collapse of power sharing - including on the country’s drinking water. He also tells us why being in Stormont right now is like being on the set of The Shining.

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