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Sparkles with Starmer plus Rob Delaney, NHS champion

Despite being an American, who can’t even vote in this country, Rob Delaney has become an outspoken champion of the NHS. His love for our health service was born from tragedy: losing his young son Henry to cancer. He tells Nish and Coco why we have to fight for the NHS, and compares it to an American system which enriches CEOs and advertising execs. Find out why he thinks Joe Biden is the best president of his lifetime, and what he thinks of Keir Starmer. Plus with a cameo in the new Mission Impossible film, Rob is perfectly placed to answer Nish’s question: what does Tom Cruise smell like? Party Conference season continues, with insights into two very different gatherings: Labour in Liverpool and the Greens in Brighton. Coco describes what she got up to when she went down to the seaside at the invitation of Greens co-leader Carla Denyer - did they manage to woo her to their cause? Plus George Parker of the Financial Times, gives us all the gossip from the Labour get-together - was all that glitters gold? Did Keir Starmer convince as a Prime Minister in waiting?

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