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No.10’s shameful Covid WhatsApps, plus is AI a threat to humanity?

The latest hearings at the Covid Inquiry reveal chaos and dysfunction at the heart of Government during the pandemic. Did Boris Johnson really think Covid was nature’s way of dealing with old people? Nish and Coco sift through the swearing and the gossip to get to the heart of what really matters about the latest revelations. Coco tells Nish about her experience attending the huge rally, calling for a ceasefire in the Israel Gaza crisis, in London last weekend. How does she feel about Suella Braverman’s characterisation of the rallies as “hate marches”? With Silicon Valley’s finest - and Elon Musk - in the UK for Rishi Sunak’s big AI Summit, Nish and Coco have a play around with ChatGPT…can it come up with a script for them to introduce the show? Cristina Criddle joins the show from Bletchley Park to take us inside the summit and explain what it may or may not achieve. Plus Nish and Coco’s hero and villain of the week, and do YOU find Rishi Sunak sexy?

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